Transform your Deepest Fears and Phobias
into your Greatest Strengths

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I am on a weight loss programme and have been for a little while. It’s mainly going OK but I had a problem with giving up crisps. I spoke with Keith about this, wee sat down in a room together and went through a short process which was good fun. And that was it.  Since then, I have not touched so much as a single crisp; at home now, instead of reaching for a bag of crisps at night, I reach for an apple or a carrot or some fruit instead, and I feel much better for it.
I would certainly recommend Keith!

Shelley B
Bracknell, UK

I used to have a strong fear of flying and also of enclosed spaces.  I worked with Keith for half an hour, and not only did he help me to find out where it had come from, he also helped me to completely get rid of both at once.  So now I am not only looking forward to attending my art class and sitting in the middle of the row instead of having to be on the end, but I am also really looking forward to flying to Hong Kong! Thanks Keith!

Mieke Lloyd
Morayshire, Scotland