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I weighed 120kg, was addicted to Cola, and desperately needed to lose weight; a significant amount of weight. So I used a couple of the techniques I use with others to completely eliminate my desire for drinking Cola and eating crisps, and 6 months later I’d lost 22kg and not touched Cola again! That was 5 years ago, and I’m still below 100kg. Without going to the gym.

Keith Blakemore-Noble
The Confidence Alchemist, Founder & CEO of Be Your Change

I found Keith Blakemore-Noble to be endlessly positive in his encouragement. He ably led our Skype calls with a quiet but firm manner. He took the time understand me, as well as to help me understand myself, and to help me see that I have so many choices – things don’t have to continue as they are, but equally they can if I decide to let them, or indeed to accept them. He is endlessly curious, gently probing to understand the reasons for my inaction; what might be behind it, and how I may overcome any barriers. He’s a big fan of celebrating all achievements, however small, and accentuating the positive, looking for it in even the bleakest of situations, and for that I am grateful: I have found that I can do this, too – he’s a great example for me to copy!!

Howard Warrener