Transform your Deepest Fears and Phobias
into your Greatest Strengths

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In just one session, Keith got me through a phobia I had which is just too embarrassing to name. His questions were so well put that I was digging deep and coming up with answers as to why I couldn’t overcome my block and what I needed to do to be free of it. And the technique he used to finally move me on worked a treat. He is patient, empathetic, knowledgeable and fun. Highly recommended.

Claudia Crawley
Director of Winning Pathways Coaching
London, UK

I used to have this irrational fear of snakes, I would completely freeze even just thinking about snakes. I saw Keith who took me through a process which was short, quick, fun and totally safe, and now when I think about coming across a snake, I think of it just like a jelly-bean! I totally recommend seeing Keith, he’s an awesome guy.

Vina von Bliss
Sydney, Australia