Embrace Your Defeats, For They Are Your Greatest Opportunities.

Fear of defeat can be a crippling affliction.
The fear that if we take some course of action we might fail can be strong enough to cause many of us to not even start down the road leading to that action.
And what happens if we do not take action? We remain in a state of in-action. Which doesn’t help move us forward in anything at all…

Sow What You Want To Reap

A simple, powerful and effective step to help you to change and to move closer to being who you really want to be.

Playing The Hand Life Deals You

None of us have any control at all over how we are born.

But does that mean that our lives are predetermined forever?

Love Thyself As Thy Neighbour

We probably all know that it is important to “love thy neighbour”, to be nice to people and to treat them well. If we treat other people nicely, if we help them where we can when they need it, if we exchange pleasantries as we pass, if we look out for each other, the world is a better place, isn’t it.

But picture what it is like for the one individual who you are not treating this way…

Lose 22kg in 6 months? Easy!

For many years I had been overweight (or, if you want to get technical about it, obese according to BMI measurements), and my weight was slowly but inexorably heading upwards.  Periodically over those years I had joined and even attended various gyms, but I never particularly enjoyed them and always fell back into bad habits […]