Where does confidence come from? What simple steps can we take to hep us to develop it? In this guest post, my friend and young entrepreneur Bogdan Juncewicz shares three tips he has found which helped him to do just that.

Confidence is the opposite of the lack of confidence. So, how do we eliminate the lack of confidence? What actions do we need to take to be confident? Firstly, what do we need to be confident in to, to be confident?

  1. We need confidence in our skills
  2. We need confidence in your delivery of skills in that moment.

So, now that we know what makes confidence, we need to know how to obtain this, and this is where the 3 skills come in. What do we need to be confident?

  1. Skills. We need to have the skills we require. If we have the skills and the certainty that we have the skills needed to be successful in that moment, we will be more confident, however skills are not the only thing.
  2. Training. How is training, different that skills. I’m going to use stage confidence as an example. Having the right skills to be on stage will not make you confident, as you can’t apply those skills specifically. Training, is drilling a specific piece of content, whereas skills are about the general knowledge about being on stage. However, again training will not make you confident. You have your piece of content you are doing to share, drilled perfectly, and you come on and start your speech. And, for example something happens that you don’t have planned, and you don’t have the general skills to deal with it, you only have training of your specific content. So, you lose all your confidence, because you have training, but you don’t have the skills and experience to deal with the unexpected.
  3. Experience. Many people ask me, how come you are so confident on stage, and I respond in this way,’ Three things, firstly, I learnt the skills, secondly I drill every speech I do, and lastly I have some experience. Experience is the fastest way, of getting confident. The more experience you have the more confident you are that you know what can happen, what works and what to do. And this time, yes, experience alone can make you confident, however it doesn’t make you good.

However, if you have all three together you are not only confident, but good as well. So, if you are wondering, why you aren’t confident look at these 3 areas, and improve and not only will your confident improve, but so will your results. So, if I recommend anything for the first step, I recommend you to start with the lack of confidence and do it. And, use this to gain more and more confidence and results.

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