So today is the day to which Marty and The Doc traveled in Back To The Future 2, all those years ago (when the film came out, 2015 was so far in the future as to be effectively another world). Naturally the film was filled with what the writers thought would make for good and entertaining predictions of what the future would hold. And, of course, many people have been taking the opportunity to point out all of the things the film “predicted” which have not come to pass (yet), such as the flying cars etc.

And therein lies a very important observation about our own lives!

How often have we decided what we want our future to be, what we imagine it will look like, what we will be doing, what we will have. We may even then create goals around that, set out plans and if we are really diligent and determined to succeed (and the fact that you are reading this means that you are determined to succeed), start putting them into action.

Then, when the time comes round at which point we had decided these things would have happened, we find that things are not necessarily as we had planned, dreamed or hoped they would be. At which point we start to focus on all the things which we did not achieve, wondering where we went wrong and why we don’t have what we’d wanted, leading to a feeling of disappointment and even failure.

Sound familiar?

Yet when we do this, we fall into the same trap as those gleefully describing what the film got wrong find themselves in.

What’s that trap?

Well, it is certainly true that our future does not currently feature flying cars, nor true hoverboards. Nor do we dress the way they do in the film.
BUT, what about the things we do have? Certainly many of the things in the film have come to pass, albeit not exactly as featured. Video conferencing is a big thing these days, although we tend to use things like Skype etc on our computers and phones rather than the TV. Using household waste as a fuel is also a reality in some areas already.
And those telling us about what the film got wrong? Often they are doing so on a 5″ portable highly powerful computer, using little more than their thumbs to send a message instantly to thousands of other people!

You see, in their rush to point out what the film got wrong, they overlook the things the film got right, and they also overlook all the things which we have which are even better than anything the film makers dreamed up.

Which is exactly what we tend to do when we find our goals have not turned out the way we’d wanted – we focus on what did not happen, whilst ignoring what did happen and completely overlooking the ways in which our life is even better now than we’d thought about at the time we set out.

What would happen if, instead of focusing on what we didn’t achieve, we instead focused on what we did achieve, and also looked at what else has happened in our lives which may actually be even better? How much more positive would we start to feel about what we’ve done? Which is a great feeling to have, and which will also help to motivate us to carry on and pursue even bigger, brighter goals.

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Next time you are reviewing your progress, acknowledge the areas in which you fell short of course, and then spend more time looking at what DID work, and also at what else has been happening in your life (in the same area or in other areas).
Rather than getting despondent and berating yourself for not succeeding on some aspects, take the time to congratulate yourself and to celebrate what you HAVE achieved!

You will feel far better for it,and who knows, you may even spot something you’d never noticed before.

So what do YOU think? Leave a comment and let me know!