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“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you are still re-reading the previous chapter”

A long time ago there was an order of monks who were forbidden from having contact with women. One day, two monks were setting out on a journey, a senior monk and his disciple. In order to avoid potentially encountering any women and having the embarrassment of having to avoid them, they took the long road back crowds through the country through the forests.

As they left the forest, they could see the valley in front of with their destination way off in the distance. All that stood between them and their destination was the valley which contained a big fast flowing river.

The monks continue their journey wandering down through the valley, as the elder monk new that there was a crossing point at the river with a boat which they could use to row across and remain dry.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the monks, earlier that month there had been torrential rain storms and a swollen river washed away the boat.

The monks reach the jetty where the boat should have been a noticed instead of the boat was a woman stood there at the jetty looking across the river trying to work out how she could cross.

“Oh thank goodness you are here” she said “I need to cross the river but I can’t get across is too deep for me to wade across can you help me?”.

The younger Monk knowing that their order prohibited any contact at all with women didn’t know what to do and avoided all I contact with her. The elder monk, said nothing, and simply picked up the woman placed him on the shoulders and waded out across the river beckoning for the younger monk to follow.

Once they reach the other side, the elder monk gently place the woman on the ground. The woman thanked him profusely and headed off on her way. The young monk just looked aghast at the other monk – he could scarce believe what his eyes had, the elder monk had actually carried the woman across the river yet they were prohibited from any contact with women.

The older man said nothing and they carried on their way heading toward a destination on the other side of the valley. After some more hours of walking, they found a clearing on the ground, sat down, and the elder monk took out some food for them to eat for lunch. By this point the young monk could no longer contain himself and he blurted out “Master! You know that we are not allowed contact with women yet you touched that woman and you carried her across the river! Why did you do it?”

The elder monk looked at the younger monk with compassion in his eyes, and after a while he simply said “Brother, I set that lady down hours ago, it is you who still carries her.”

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What is it that you were still carrying with you which is holding you back? What is the usual set down long ago join the past year is still burdening you holding you back?

As we prepare to enter 2014, I like to suggest that now would be an ideal opportunity for us all to review our past year and look for those things that we are still carrying with us which we know deep down we should have set down months ago.

Why not take a few moments, right now (after all right now IS as good a time as any, isn’t it – no sense in putting things off after all!) to reflect upon everything we have been through during 2013, and look for those things which, on reflection, you can see you are still carrying, those things which no longer serve you any positive purpose, and resolve to set them down right away, freeing you up for the wondrous things you will want to experience in 2014.

After all, how can we expect to excel in the coming year, when we still carrying the unnecessary burdens and weight from our past?

Have you found this useful? Do you have any questions? Thoughts? Opinions? I'd love to hear them! Leave a comment and share your views!