A few weeks ago, I wrote about my experiences with depression and shared them with you all on this website. Very shortly afterwards, someone got in touch with me having read the article. Like me, they had suffered from bouts of depression for many years and they wanted to know if I could help them to conquer their depression once and for all.

As I normally do, I had at an initial chat with this person on Skype where we explored what the problem was, how it was affecting them, how they want life to be, all the usual sort of things. They were definitely very serious about eliminating depression, and based on that we agreed a series of coaching sessions where we would work together to help them to achieve exactly that course of the next few weeks, it will closely together was nine years several processes from NLP and beyond, all designed to help the person to love in the depression, but to find new more empowering ways of behaving in state – after all they say nature abhors a vacuum and if we just eliminated the depression who knows what would have setting instead, which is why we install some positive behaviours. After all it, it will have a new behaviour we might make it one that we want!

Fast forward this week, I received a lovely email from this person telling me that they felt their depression has completely lifted for the first time in many years, and even more than that, they were in a situation which they knew normally would have resulted in them falling into a bout of depression, but instead they actually felt energised as a result the situation and of their own accord have found a much more positive way to deal with things! They’re really looking forward to the future as a result of this challenge!

Obviously this is only been a few weeks since we worked together, but the signs are definitely very encouraging that they have finally achieved what they wanted to do for so long, namely conquer the depression and replace it with something which serve them better.

Of course, everybody goes through periods where they feel happier than normal periods where they feel a bit down, this is perfectly normal and this person will also go through this period the rest of the market. However what they won’t do any more is suffer those crippling bouts of depression which will really weigh down upon a person sometimes for months.

Does this mean that everyone is depression can be cured instantly? Of course not! However what it does mean that it is possible to work with someone who is serious about conquering depression to help them remove not only the depression but remove the triggers which was which resulted in the depression, and the same time give them more powerful ways to behave; give them away to have a much brighter, more empowering, wonderful future – all without the aid of having to take any medication! It must be recognised that for some people, this would have worked will not be enough to completely eliminate the depression. However, it can at least help to alleviate the worst excesses of the situation, helping to make life that little bit more bearable.

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All in all this was in excellent results, but I was really happy with my client that they manage to make such a massive change in our life in such a relatively short time – this truly is testament to the power of being able to change your mind and change your life! And just think, what other things can we change in our lives in this manner? To find out more, get in touch!