“Change is always possible, and it can happen FAST!” – Keith Blakemore-Noble

I often tell people that not only is change always possible, that change can be fast. I do this because it is absolutely true – if we want to change then we can find a way if we are motivated enough; and once we find how to change, the hang itself often happens very rapidly indeed.

A few short weeks ago I got a personal reminder of just how quickly change can happen when I received a message from a dear friend of mine discussing a business opportunity overseas. It’s a great opportunity for both of us, we will each gain significantly in so many ways from it, and in all honesty I would be a fool to say no.


Ah yes, how often have we seen potential opportunities only to raise our own objections?

“Yes, that would be good BUT…”
“I can see that, HOWEVER…”

In my case, it was “This is a great opportunity and I can see how we would both benefit, however to do it I would need to sell my house”.

I love my house. I’ve been here for 12 years. It’s a nice house, and the garden is perfect for entertaining friends (oh the barbecues we have enjoyed here!). Plus I’ve filled it with possessions over the years.

Could I really sell up and move overseas for a few months with nothing but two suitcases to hold all my worldly goods?

Certainly in the past my answer would have ben “Sorry, but no”. I mean, it’s a great opportunity, but selling up just like that? I can’t do that, it’s too big a thing to do especially as I’d have to do it quickly.

And with that, the opportunity of a lifetime would have passed me by, replaced instead by possibly a lifetime of regret and asking myself that most awful of questions, namely “What if I had gone?”.

I imagine, like most of us, you’ve been there – you see an opportunity but you turn it down because of some “BUT”, only to then wonder forevermore “What if..?”

It’s quite a painful thing, isn’t it? Even more painful when we realise that for every opportunity we turn down because we are scared (which, let’s face it, is the deep-down reason we turn them down – we are scared of changing, scared of what will happen, scared of doing something different), there are countless other opportunities which pass us by because we do not even recognise them!

Why do we not recognise them? Why do we not spot so many of those opportunities?

The reality is that at our core, we are not self-confident enough to be aware that they are even a possibility. We lack the self-belief in our own abilities, which means we do not even see these opportunities as something we could do, so they pass us by.

What If you had more self-confidence? What would happen then?
Sure, these opportunities could still be scary, that’s only natural. Do you think Richard Branson felt at least a little bit scared when he put everything into launching Virgin Atlantic? Of course! And he did it anyway because he had the self-confidence to know that he would either succeed, or learn some invaluable lessons in the process which would make him even more successful in the future.
Does being more confident mean that we should automatically accept every opportunity? Absolutely not! We must still evaluate each one fully (I have a very powerful tool which I share with my clients when they are facing exactly this sort of a situation, which helps them to analyse the opportunity safely, swiftly and logically) of course, and that is where our own self-confidence really comes in to play, as it enables us to realise exactly what we are capable of doing; this helps us to decide whether any given opportunity is worthwhile.

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And yes, even when we have developed our self-confidence we will still find ourselves turning down many opportunities; when we do so, we do it knowing that we have made the right decision and that means no lifelong nagging “What If”!

That is the power of developing your own confidence, your confidence in yourself and your abilities. That is the true power which comes from Ultimate Confidence.

So what did I decide to do? Sell up and seize this opportunity? Or stay put and let it pass?

I used the tools I mentioned above which, coupled with my own Ultimate Confidence, enabled me to realise that this is indeed an opportunity worth grasping with both hands. My house is on the market and I’m counting down the days!

Naturally I will continue to work with my clients, both existing and new ones – that’s one of the beauties of using modern technology, our sessions being conducted via Skype mean we will continue as normal. And meanwhile I’ll be expanding my own learnings considerably over the coming months – many of those learnings I’ll be sharing with my clients where it will help them too.

A real all-round win-win situation which arises from grasping this opportunity.

And a MASSIVE change for me which is happening very quickly indeed!

What opportunities for embracing change could YOU make with Ultimate Confidence?