Let’s have a little fun, exploring the world of superheroes and super villains and, more importantly, you.

I’ve got 4 questions for you to consider as carefully and as fully as you dare. It’s all good fun, there are no right or wrong answers, so nothing to worry about.

Now, you might be thinking that you don’t know much about the world of superheroes and their counterparts. That’s OK! You don’t need an encyclopaedic knowledge of the best of Marvel and DC’s oeuvres (although if you do have such knowledge, that’ll definitely come in handy). It’s not so much the names of the characters which are of interest here, it’s their qualities and attributes, their special powers, what makes them stand out.

If you don’t know your Thor from your Loki, or your Batman from your Catwoman, it’s OK – identify the particular characteristics which you feel are most relevant in each case, and give the characters their own names!

You can treat this as seriously or as frivolously as you wish, although the more in-depth your answers, the more you will ultimately get out of this.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s start at the very beginning (it is, after all, a very good place to start…)

Your Superhero

The easy one first.

If you were a superhero, who would you be and why?

Now, when answering this, it’s not about which superhero you would like to be, or their qualities which you would like to have; it’s all about identifying which of their characteristics you see in yourself.

In short, with al your skills, talents, and abilities, with which superhero do you most identify, and why?

For example, you might identify with Tony Stark in terms of being very clever, self-made, relying on his own genius to get things done, and with a wicked sense of humour.

Or you might feel you have more in common with Wonder Woman – powerful, stands up for what you truly believe in, and prepared to fight to the death to defend it.

Perhaps you feel Superman is more of a kindred spirit, in that you feel you are almost an outcast from another planet, you care deeply about those around you and will do everything to protect them using your superior strength, yet you don’t want anyone to actually know it’s you who is fighting for them, you prefer your good deeds to go unrecognised.

Whoever it is, remember that the why is very important, make sure you fully explore that before you move on.

Your Superhero Partner

Now you know your Superhero identity, it’s time to for your own Super Duo!

After all, pretty much every superhero needs a partner or a team of some form.

  • Batman has his Robin.
  • Superman has his Lois Lane (who may not have conventional superpowers, but is every bit as important)
  • And where would Tony Stark be without the rest of The Avengers?

So who is your superhero partner, and why?

And how do you choose a superhero partner anyway?

You are going to want someone whose skills, talents, and abilities complement yours. For example, if you are mentally strong and physically weak, you are most likely going to what your superhero partner to excel in terms of physical strength; it’d be of little use having two super-geniuses who between them could barely life a feather!

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So think carefully about your superhero’s abilities, and then think about the abilities which would best complement yours.

Who is that superhero partner, and why them? What is it about them which draws you to them and would make you a great team?

Your ideal Super-villain

Now you have your Super Duo, it’s time to start fighting those Super Villains! As you are new, et’s make it a battle with the odds stacked in your team’s favour.

Which Super Villain do you feel you would most like to fight, and why?

Which attributes would they have which would most attract you and convince you that you had the best chance of beating them?

Again, really focus on the whys here before you move on.

  • Why would you want to face them?
  • Why would you find it easy to beat them?
  • Why would you benefit from that encounter?

Your Most Feared Super-villain

It’s time to step things up! You’ve had some wins against your preferred Super Villains, and that’s great news.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way and sometimes your Super Duo will have to face those it would rather not.

Who is the Super Villain you would most hate to face? The one you fear the most? The one who would prove to be your biggest battle, one you might not be able to defeat?

Why is that? What is it about them which makes them such a threat to you?

What Does This All Mean?

Hopefully you’ve had some fun with these questions. And now it’s time to figure out what this all means (hey, you knew this was going somewhere, right?)

Before we go any further, have a check over all your answers, and pay really close attention in each case to the “why” parts. These are the bits which will tell us a lot.

From the first question, the skills, talents, and abilities of the superhero with which you most identify tell you a lot about your own strengths. These are the things you are really good at, the attributes which you would bring to any partnership or relationship – in short, these are the things which help you to excel in who you are, and which others would like to benefit from.

Moving to the second question, the attributes you sought in your Super Duo partner and why you sought them reveal a lot about your own weaknesses; the areas in which you either need to grow and develop, or need to find others to partner with who already have these abilities.

Your preferred Super Villain reveals a lot about your opportunities – areas in which you can excel, in which you can overcome obstacles and even, if so inclined, vanquish the opposition. These are your areas for easy growth, the “low hanging fruit” as some put it. Great areas to target as you start to grow and develop!

Finally, your most feared Super Villain reveals what you perceive as your threats or the threats to you and your business / career / relationship / lifestyle. Which can be an uncomfortable realisation at first, until you appreciate that this simply means you now have a better appreciation for the areas in which you would need to further grow or seek strategic partnerships.

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In other words…





…you have just done your own SWOT analysis!

Yeah, sorry about that, but you have t admit that it was a lot of fun using this approach, and (provided you fully threw yourself into it) ultimately very revealing!

So what have you learned about yourself

And how are you going to apply this knowledge?

Has it helped you to realise some strengths you had not really noticed before? Where can you apply these?

What are the main weaknesses you have, and how can you best mitigate these? Is it training, research, partnerships?

Where are your greatest opportunities lurking, and now that you are more aware of threats, what can you do to defend against them?

The best bit about all of this (apart from it being a much more fun way of doing SWOT analysis) is that you can easily do it again for any aspect of your life, at any time.

So, what are you waiting for, Superhero!

So what have you learned about yourself? And how are you going to apply this knowledge? Share your discoveries below, let's see if we can inspire each other to grow!

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