The Confidence Alchemist Radio Show

Keith Blakemore-Noble hosts the fortnightly show “The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show” on the Coach On Fire Radio Network, every second Thursday at 7pm UK time.

The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show, part of the Coach on Fire Radio Network, is brought to you by the bow-tie wearing radio host, hypnotist & magician, best-selling author, Confidence Alchemist, phobia expert, and global speaker himself, Keith Blakemore-Noble; always with the same aim – to Transform your Deepest Fears and Phobias into your Greatest Strengths.

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Catalysing Growth

Catalysing Growth - 15th June 2017

Keith Blakemore-Noble is joined by The Growth Catalyst Deji 'DJ' Sobanjo, who shares how you can accelerate your own career, business or life - RAPIDLY
Game Changing

Game Changing - 1st June 2017

Join Keith Blakemore-Noble and Olympian Annette Lynch, aka The Game Changing Expert, as they discuss how YOU can change your game in business or life.
Science of Change

Science of Change - 18th May 2017

Join Keith Blakemore-Noble to discover why we are the way we are, why this means we can always change, and to learn Keith's unique 6-step change process.
Genuine Sales

Genuine Sales - 4th May 2017

Simone Vincenzi joins Keith to discuss sales stuff, including what sales is, how to beat fear of selling, and how to sell ethically without being a douche.
Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction - 20th April 2017

In this episode, Keith Blakemore-Noble is joined by Matt Kendall as they explore the problem with the Law of Attraction (and so much more)
Changing Perceptions Of Dyslexia

Changing Perceptions Of Dyslexia - 6th April 2017

In this episode, Keith Blakemore-Noble is joined by Kirk Pickstone, the International Dyslexia Superhero, as they explore why dyslexics are predisposed toward entrepreneurship, and more.
Official Premiere

Official Premiere - 22nd March 2017

In this first ever episode of The Confidence Alchemist, Keith guides us on an exploration into the sciences of the mind, where we discover why we are the way we are, why we can always change, how quick and easy change can truly be, and more.

Introduction - 19th March 2017

An introduction to Keith, The Confidence Alchemist, and what you can expect from future episodes.