Scared ManYou are doing well in your career. You’ve got a good job, you enjoy the challenges it brings, and you love solving them. You can afford a nice place to live. Transport is not a problem. But there IS something which is a problem for you. A really massive problem. And it is something which has been for as long as you can remember.

Sound familiar?

Chances are, that problem is all down to confidence or phobia. Now, I know what you are thinking. And yes, you absolutely are confident in many areas – if you weren’t, then you would not be where you are today, that’s for sure! But that’s the thing with confidence – we can be extremely confident in some areas, yet so low in confidence in other areas that it really does hold us back. You see, “confidence” covers such a wide range of things.

For some people, it may be that they are very confident about their job, they have the skills, confidence and ability to really shine there, but they lack the confidence to make sure their boss knows about their skills. Or they lack the confidence to represent their team to senior management, which is why they always seem to miss out on promotion.

Scared WomanFor others, even presenting to groups is no problem, but asking that good looking person out? Forget it! That’s just terrifying, how could you possibly, you know, talk with a stranger, let alone ask them out for a drink?! And that’s why those people remain single and even lonely for their lives. Know anyone like that? Perhaps you see them in the mirror each morning?

For many people, a lack of confidence is all around a phobia – social phobia being the most prevalent.

It might be that you absolutely know you have a phobia and, frankly, it’s time to get rid of the thing before it ruins your life forever!

It is possible to have a phobia about pretty much anything. There’s all the common, well known ones, but when you get right down to it, it’s possible to develop a phobia about anything. And boy, doesn’t your phobia cause you problems? From being unable to fly away on holiday, to not being able to drive over bridges, or having to put up with untreated teeth because, you know, the alternative means going to…; or perhaps your phobia prevents you from enjoying holidays with family and loved ones.

So, that’s you – successful BUT there’s something stopping you, and it’s down to fear / phobia / lack of confidence. And most importantly of all, you know it is time to get rid of that. Not sometime in the future, but right now. And you will do whatever it takes to seize control of your life. Excellent! I’m pleased to meet you, let me help you to transform your deepest fear into your greatest strength.