Create Your Way

How often in life do we hit a metaphorical brick wall, look for a way round, fail to find it and then simply give up? What if, instead of just giving up because we could not find a way, we set out to make our own way? How much more do you think you could accomplish in life if you didn’t give up bit if you did make your own way when there was not one to be found? And more importantly, how can we achieve this?


From Smalltalk Killer to Killer Smalltalk

Great company with sparkling flowing conversation, it’s hard to beat it.
Once you are in that zone, with the conversation flowing freely, it is easy to contribute one’s own observations and experiences especially when the topic comes to something one likes.
And here are some ways to help you enter that zone much more easily.
But we never find ourselves magically in the middle of such conversation, they all have to start somewhere.

With the dreaded Small Talk! If only there was a way to master it…


Do You REALLY Know What You Want To Do?

When you look at someone doing something well, they make it seem effortless. And for them it may well be effortless (although it is also entirely possible that they are making considerable conscious mental effort, they just do it with such precision and style as to make it appear effortless thanks to all the practice and dedication they put in), but it wasn’t always that way. Even the best musicians on the planet were unable to pick their way through Twinkle Twinkle Little Star without hitting more wrong notes than a drunken karaoke “singer” at first. But the key thing is…


Negotiate With Your Enemy; Negotiate With Yourself

For pretty much his entire time, man has been fighting wars against his enemy, which is traditionally also man.
But all too often in everyday life we find we are fighting an “emery” much closer to home, with just as disastrous consequences…


What’s Preventing You From Enjoying Your One Sweet Moment?

Our one sweet moment on this Earth in this life is very short, no more than the blink of an eye; why would we waste it doing anything other than enjoying ourselves and getting the most out of it that we could?
Why are we not out there doing the things we enjoy, exploring and having a fantastic time in the process?


What is your fear asking you?

Fear can come in many forms and can be triggered by many things.
And it can be highly debilitating, preventing you from doing things you want to do, or causing you to worry and become stressed over the situation.
But what is fear? What purpose does it serve? And can it actually help us?


I can; I can’t. Both are right…

At Rice University in Houston, Texas on 12 September 1962, John F Kennedy stood in front of the assembled audience and declared that “We choose to go to the Moon”; and on 20th July 1969, just under 7 years later, mankind did exactly that with Neil Armstrong’s famous “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.
But instead of expressing the committed belief that they would set man on the Moon, suppose Kennedy had stood up before the assembled audience and announced “Well, we’d quite like to go to the Moon sometime, maybe in the next 10 years, but to be honest I don’t think we can do it. We’ll give it a bash, but you know, it’s terribly hard and so many things can go wrong and we don’t even have the technology, so we’ll probably fail.”.
Just how successful do you think their attempts to land on the Moon would have been?


The Scream by Edvard Munch

Embrace The Anxiety

What actually is anxiety? OK, most of us know the symptoms, some of us perhaps know them a little too well. But what is behind it all? And is it necessarily all bad, or can we gain something useful from it?


Happy Ending? No, something FAR better!

Everyone, at some point in life, wants a Happy Ending, don’t they?
Who could not like the idea that this is it, just successfully complete this challenge, task or quest, and life will be wonderful from then on as you and your loved ones all live happily ever after?

Only, as most people realise sooner or later, there is no such thing as a Happy Ending as such, for life continues.

But, there is something even better than a Happy Ending…


Keep Talking

It’s good to talk. But there is much more to talking than just passing the time of day with friends, and those who master the art and skills of talking can open themselves up to whole new worlds of possibilities; all of us can an here are some tips to make that happen with easy.


Breed Confidence and Courage

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go…