Love is an expression and assertion of self-esteem

There are indeed a million love-songs out there, but what actually is love? It has many different manifestations amongst a great many different people. For some it might be bringing gifts to a loved one. For others it might be the loved one bringing gifts. It might be posh restaurants and fancy cars. It might be snuggling up in front of the fire. It might be all of these things and more. But for all that, these are just outward manifestations of love; what is love underneath all that? What is love at its heart, at its very core?


Creating your own luck – it’s easy when you know how!

Like most of us, you can probably look back upon your life so far and spot a few key points where an opportunity came along which you grabbed, but had you not grabbed it then things would have been so very different. It’s almost as if you were lucky to get where you are, because one missed opportunity, one dropped co-incidence and you’d be somewhere completely different.
But even if you did miss those opportunities, is it really the end of the world?


It’s Not About Willpower

We can probably all come up with dozens of these sorts of comments, both from ourselves and from family, friends, colleagues and people we pass in the street. “I could change if only I had the willpower to do it”. Some of us should probably have that as our epitaph! And yet, willpower is not what we need at all…


Do you want to do what you are about to do?

“Each morning I would look in the mirror and ask myself ‘If today were the last day in my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?’. Whenever the answer has been “No” too many days in a row, I knew I had to change something.”- Steve Jobs.
If you are not enjoying what you are doing, here’s how you might go about making the change.


Embrace Your Defeats, For They Are Your Greatest Opportunities.

Fear of defeat can be a crippling affliction.
The fear that if we take some course of action we might fail can be strong enough to cause many of us to not even start down the road leading to that action.
And what happens if we do not take action? We remain in a state of in-action. Which doesn’t help move us forward in anything at all…


Love Thyself As Thy Neighbour

We probably all know that it is important to “love thy neighbour”, to be nice to people and to treat them well. If we treat other people nicely, if we help them where we can when they need it, if we exchange pleasantries as we pass, if we look out for each other, the world is a better place, isn’t it.

But picture what it is like for the one individual who you are not treating this way…


Take A Moment…

Life is fast-paced these days, isn’t it? There’s always something else to be done, that to-do list is growing faster than you can cull it, the in-tray is overflowing. There’s always something else to be done, and so we crack of as fast as we possibly can to get through as much as we can and so we race through life, rushing from task to task, getting things done as quickly as we can and never stopping before we rush headlong into the next task and the next task, because if we don’t then we’ll never get everything done.



Unleash Your Inner Acrobat

Most of us know how helpful it is to congratulate someone on a job well done.
And most of us also know how good to feels when someone does the same to us, patting us on the back when we complete something.

But there is someone who pretty much all of us will never take the time to stop and congratulate no matter how stirling a job they do. And there is also someone who, no matter how much effort we put in, will never seem to be pleased enough with us because they will never ever thank us let alone congratulate us…