[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Phobia (noun)
An intense, irrational fear. (from the Greek:φóβος (Phóbos), meaning “fear” or “morbid fear”)[/pullquote]A phobia is defined as an intense and irrational fear of something. For some people, the phobia is triggered when you encounter the situation (such as sitting in the dentist’s chair / being in an aeroplane / seeing a spider / whatever it is); for others, even just thinking about the thing is enough to bring on those feelings of panic, anxiety, increased heart-rate, sweating, dread etc.

Phobias are learned responses – we are not born phobic, we are taught to be phobic either by others or through our own scary experiences. The good news is that this means that we can learn new positive ways to respond instead – indeed, the fact that you have a phobia means that you are very good at learning this behaviour, which means that you will be very good at learning new ways to behave if only you know how – which is where Freedom From Phobia comes in!

What causes phobias?

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Phobias can be grouped as follows


AnimalsSpiders, dogs, snakes etc.
ObjectsClowns, dolls, mirrors etc.
MedicalInjections, the dentist or doctor etc.
SituationsSocial, heights, flying etc.
EnvironmentStorms, water, countryside etc.[/pullquote]We are not born pre-programmed with phobias; we learn them at some stage in our life (usually when we are young). Phobias are a great example of how quickly human beings can and do learn – it only takes one very bad experience to create the phobia.

For example, think about a very young child out with their parents, when suddenly this terrifying monster leaps toward the child ready to eat it. The child naturally screams; the parents then start shouting at the monster to go away (and in doing so, they inadvertently confirm to the child that they were right to be scared), and then rush to comfort the scared child. Now, the child, never having met this monster before, has learned that the way to react is to panic and scream and generally freak out, and because it was a very traumatic event for them, their reaction is programmed into their brain so next time they meet a monster, their brain automatically triggers the same reaction, even when the child is a full-grown adult who realises that the “monster” was just a friendly dog coming to play – all the rational thought doesn’t matter, the brain is on autopilot and that’s how phobias happen. It can happen to anyone.

Can I Get Rid Of My Phobia?

Yes – and the best bit is that the process is quick, simple and fun!

In the past, it used to take years of psychotherapy just to be able to reach the stage where you were able to cope with the symptoms. Even after those years of therapy, your phobia was still there, albeit you were able to cope with the symptoms themselves. Modern breakthroughs in neurological sciences and our ever deeper understanding of the brain and the way our mind works means that it is now possible to completely eliminate your phobia, and to do it very quickly indeed!

Because we learn phobias, that means that it is possible for us to learn new and more useful responses instead, if you know how (that’s where I come in, by the way). And because you did such an excellent job of learning how to have a phobia, and because you are so good at having that phobia every time you meet the thing that scares you, that means that you are able to learn to replace the phobia with a new behaviour quickly and easily.

I have always had a problem with heights, even climbing a few rungs up a ladder was uncomfortable. I worked with Keith and suffice to say my feelings about heights changed. I can now get to the top of a ladder, clear out my gutters or whatever, without clinging on and being unable to move. I recently visited the Museum of Scotland in Edinburghand made a point of peering right over the balcony on the top floor and looking straight down five storeys to the foyer with no difficulty or discomfort. I urge anyone in similar circumstances with any irrational fear whatsoever to give it a try – the rewards are immeasurable.

Ian Noble
Moray, Scotland, UK

Your Phobia Options

Phobia Coaching Program

Based upon extensive study and use of the latest and most powerful mind-sciences around, together with experience of completely conquering my own phobias and helping many others to completely let go of theirs, I have created my own unique custom Phobia Coaching Program. This program is designed to give you the absolute best opportunity for ridding yourself of your phobia once and for all – and all from the comfort of your own home or office!

Discover the role your phobia has played in your life – as destructive as it is, there may have actually been some way in which it has helped you.

Acknowledge the way your phobia helped you, and develop more positive and empowering ways to get those positive outcomes instead.

See the massive potential for positive change which letting go of your phobia will bring you


Really uncover the true reasons why you must let go of your phobia (they may not be the reasons you currently think!)


Completely blast your phobia away, reprogramming your own mind so that you can't even do the old phobia any more.

The Freedom From Phobia Process

Some people prefer to work directly with me in a personal, private 1-on-1 session to help them to completely conquer their phobia. Which is why I have created the Freedom From Phobia Process. The process takes a single session, which typically lasts about an hour. This can be done via telephone or Skype, or if mutually convenient it can be done in the comfort of your own home. The entire process is completely painless and a lot of fun. And your phobia? Gone for good.

We identify the specific things which cause you fear or anxiety.

You might not actually be aware of what they are right now. We gently identify these so we can work together to conquer your phobia.

We discover what specifically about these triggers your phobia.

This tells us how you “do” the phobia and what tells you it’s time to “do” it. Armed with this information we work together to painlessly change your unconscious “strategies” around your approach to life to prevent the phobia from being able to trigger.

We uncover how you learned to be scared.

All phobias are learned responses, and by carefully uncovering how you learned this behaviour, we can then install new behaviours – this is always a lot of fun, most people end up laughing during this part! Don’t worry if you have no idea at the moment where you learned your phobia, many people don’t.

Together we reprogram your unconscious.

Building on the work from the first 3 stages, we help your unconscious to effortlessly learn new ways of behaving which, once installed, happen automatically so you do not even have to think about using them. Just like a scratched record will never play the same way, nor will your fears – bye bye phobia!

Please Note – This whole process isn’t something I “do” to you (either in person or via the recordings) – it is something which you do under my guidance. You must want to conquer your phobia, and you must be serious about wanting the results. It is essential that you participate fully and do everything asked of you. If you do, then you will leave not being able to be scared of that old thing any more, no matter how hard you try!

Self Help

It is certainly possible to attempt to manage your own phobia by yourself. Typical strategies include focusing on your breathing to help to reduce the feelings to terror and panic, gradually acclimatising yourself to whatever it is that terrifies you (perhaps working up to facing it gradually), creating a mantra and set of positive thoughts you can call upon when faced with your fear, or (as is so often the case) simply finding ways to change your life in order to avoid having to come face to face with whatever it is that terrifies you.

For some people, these approaches can work; for most, they don’t (if they did, you wouldn’t have your phobia any longer).

By all means give these a go if you feel they are worth it for you – may you have every success in your attempts to conquer your phobia by yourself. But if that doesn’t work then you can always come back here and explore working together to completely conquer them once and for all!

I had a very bad experience with a dentist when I was very young which resulted in me developing a severe phobia of dentists – ever since then I had not been able to go and see a dentist as even the thought of it always filled me with dread and anxiety. Keith and I worked on this fear together and I was totally cured after a single session.. The process only took a short time to complete and does work. I now no longer have any feelings of fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist.

Matthew Adams
Wokingham, Berkshire, UK

Take Your Next Step Now.

If you are serious about conquering your phobia, about letting it go, about eliminating it completely from your life and opening your life up to all the wonderful possibilities which have been hidden, then don’t delay – choose your preferred option from below (either the Phobia Coaching Pack or the 1-to-1 Freedom From Phobia Process) and let’s banish your phobia forever!

Online Phobia Coaching Pack

Online access to all materials
  • Work from the comfort of your own home
  • Full access to online materials
  • Use to completely conquer any phobia

Freedom From Phobia 1-on-1 Coaching

I will work personally with you in a 1-on-1 session
  • Work in person or via Skype
  • Tailored to your exact situation
  • Let’s blast your phobia together

If I saw a spider I would freeze and my partner would have to get rid; I would totally freak out at the sight of one! Now I feel total apathy toward them. It was a completely painless process and I would completely recommend Keith to anybody.

David Oakley
London, UK