So You Want To Lose Weight

Maybe you want to lose a few pounds to keep in shape. Or perhaps you need to lose a bit more than that. You may have already gone from diet to diet, weight yoyoing down and back up again – isn’t that frustrating, you go on a restrictive diet, lose the weight, come off the diet and the weight just seems to come back faster than ever.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that – there is another way!

In fact, there are three ways, depending upon your individual needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all here.

Remember, this work is all around mindset – whether it’s helping you to avoid a particular food, helping you to change your relationship with food, or making larger lifestyle changes, it’s all down to working with your unconscious mind to enable you to make the changes at a deep level so that they become second-nature to you, automatic behaviour without even thinking about it. We won’t cover nutrition or exercise regimes – you most likely already know enough about those. Instead, we work on the mindset – it’s all well and good knowing you should go to the gym, but what if you were able to develop the mindset that caused you to actually enjoy going to the gym without having to struggle to force yourself to go!

Your Options


Spot Help

Your weight regime is reasonably well controlled, you just need help avoiding a particular food or drink which is your Achilles Heel.

  • Perhaps you can’t eat a single square of chocolate without devouring the rest of the bar.
  • Maybe you find that entire packets of crisps miraculously disappear when you are near.
  • Do you wish you could stop drinking that delicious but so unhealthy cola, the one which is keeping your weight up?

Whatever it is, you and I work together to turn that food or drink from something to which you are almost addicted, into one which you absolutely hate and won’t touch.

Taking just a single session, this can have a significant impact – whether you are just looking to make a small change in order to lose a little weight, or looking to crack that final hurdle.


Habit / Lifestyle Change

Here you need more help with your weight, your habits, even your lifestyle.

  • You may just be embarking upon your weight-loss program and want to set yourself up for the greatest success.
  • Perhaps you want help to be able to motivate yourself and enjoy going to the gym regularly.
  • Maybe you want help to eat healthily, reduce portion size, cut out unhelpful foods, or just to stick to your new dietary plans.

We work together to work out exactly what you need, then we implement the changes to mindset and habits for your new lifestyle.

This takes place either in a single 1-day breakthrough session, or over a number of individual smaller sessions, as appropriate. Optional follow-up session work helps to maintain your progress and keep you on track.


Shifting Significant Weight

This is the one if you need to make a significant loss of weight. Important – please check with your doctor to make sure your planned weight loss is medically healthy.

This is the Hypnotic version of Gastric Band surgery – all the benefit with none of the hospitalisation.

  • You will feel as though you have had the operation, and your mind will act accordingly.
  • Much smaller portions will fully satisfy you.
  • You will feel the need to only eat only at meal-times.

This is usually done over two sessions with an optional third session to complete the follow-up, although many people also like to have an ongoing series of coaching sessions afterwards to help keep them on track as challenges arise, their weight shifts, and their goals evolve.


Please always check with your doctor before starting any weight-loss program. I am not medically qualified to offer any medical or nutritional advice. The work I do with you is all around helping you to change your habits and mindset, but it is your responsibility to ensure that it is medically safe for you to lose weight, and that your weight-loss goal is a healthy one!

Your Next Step

Are you ready to take control of your weight once and for all? Are you ready to change your habits, your lifestyle, your mindset to bring this about?

Then it’s time to take your next step right now.

It’s called the Weight-loss Power Session and it is a free 30 minute consultation which I offer to new members of our community. During our 30 minute Skype/Telephone consultation I will help you to discover exactly what is causing your inability to gain and retain your ideal weight. We will then use this new knowledge to determine your best course of action so that you can gain your ideal weight and, more importantly, keep it that way.

Request Your Free Weight-loss Power Session Now

IMPORTANT: I can only offer 10 power sessions each month, and as it’s very popular, this programme does fill quickly. So even if you might not be ready for a session right now, I still recommend booking your spot now as the opportunity is only available to new members of our community.

I weighed 120kg, was addicted to Cola, and desperately needed to lose weight; a significant amount of weight. So I used a couple of the techniques I use with others to completely eliminate my desire for drinking Cola and eating crisps, and 6 months later I’d lost 22kg and not touched Cola again! That was 5 years ago, and I’m still below 100kg. Without going to the gym.

Keith Blakemore-Noble
The Confidence Alchemist, Founder & CEO of Be Your Change

I am on a weight loss programme and have been for a little while. It’s mainly going OK but I had a problem with giving up crisps. I spoke with Keith about this, wee sat down in a room together and went through a short process which was good fun. And that was it.  Since then, I have not touched so much as a single crisp; at home now, instead of reaching for a bag of crisps at night, I reach for an apple or a carrot or some fruit instead, and I feel much better for it.
I would certainly recommend Keith!

Shelley B
Bracknell, UK

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