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Meditative Confidence

With special guest Scott Murden

My guest this episode has three core things to share with us about using awareness, self-approval, and authentic desire to reduce stress, anxiety, and fear, and through this create more clarity, harmony and excitement in your life.

He does this by teaching third eye based meditation practices that can be applied to daily life in similar ways that we use mindfulness.

He states that lot of our issues in life are created because we can’t navigate our experience of life. By that he means our minds, our emotions, and our desire. And because we can’t navigate it we can’t transform our experience into the one that we actually want. But to start to navigate and transform we need to have vision to see, the clarity of awareness, to start to do this. And when we are able to see, navigate and transform our experience at will, we start to experience life in a very liberated way.

Scott Murden

The Meditation Based Life Coach

What I teach is based all on my own direct experiences, working with clients in a one-to-one healing (past-life regression) and coaching setting, or in the coaching work I have done in the mental health secto for the last eight years. Dealing with all types of challenges: from severe mental health issues, grief and trauma, desire and self-empowerment, or simply coaching people to get their life on track from the inside.

I’ve spent an amazing 12 years as a student with the clairvision school of meditation learning and intergrating their third-eye based practices. I’ve spent the last two years working with master shamans from the Huni Kuin tribe, from deep in the amazon rainforest in Acre, Brazil. As well as delving in to many tantra workshops and practices over the years, including the practice of Orgasmic Meditation. I’m also a qualified Ashtanga yoga teacher.


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