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Keith Blakemore-Noble hosts the fortnightly show “The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show” on the Coach On Fire Radio Network, every second Thursday at 7pm UK time.

Performing Confidence

In this special solo episode, Keith will be taking us on an exploration of confidence for those in the performing arts (although it will be equally applicable to anyone seeking confidence, of course!).

He will be sharing with us both his own journey from painfully shy to speaker, magician, actor and performer on stages round the world, as well as the amazing changes some of his clients have experienced in their confidence.

As part of this, we will dive into exploring why some of us seem to have such massive confidence issues (even though we may be highly confident in other areas of our lives), where it comes from, and what we can do about it to help us change.

Join us as we explore –

  • Can we actually become confident and overcome shyness?
  • Why are some shy and some outgoing?
  • A look at audition anxiety
  • What is stage fright and is it terminal? (Hint – the answer to the second part is a resounding “NO!”)

Keith Blakemore-Noble

The Confidence Alchemist

Keith Blakemore-Noble is the creator and host of The Confidence Alchemist Radio Show.

As The Confidence Alchemist, he helps people to transform their deepest fears and phobias into their greatest strengths. For some this is conquering their social phobia around meeting strangers, for others it is beating the fear of stepping up their career into perhaps a managerial role; for yet others it is all about finding their own confidence to be them and enjoy living the life they always wanted to live but were too scared to dare.

He knows a thing of two about conquering fears and phobias and developing confidence – for far too many years he himself was painfully shy, crushingly lonely as a result, and his career hit its limits because of this; perhaps worse, he was never able to indulge in his true passion because he was far too shy to even contemplate it. He started studying cutting edge neurosciences, conquered his “stuff”, and because The Confidence Alchemist – he has subsequently spoken to groups small and large (up to 800) in multiple countries across 3 different continents, sharing insights into how we can all become truly confident in all areas of our lives.

He has compiled and published several books and is in the process of writing his own book on confidence during 2018. He also occasionally performs his popular hypnosis and card magic show to thrilled audiences.


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The Confidence Alchemist™
 Radio Show
, part of the Coach on Fire Radio Network, is brought to you by the bow-tie wearing radio host, hypnotist & magician, best-selling author, Confidence Alchemist, phobia expert, and global speaker himself, Keith Blakemore-Noble; always with the same aim – to Transform your Deepest Fears and Phobias into your Greatest Strengths.

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