So you’d like to be a guest on The Confidence Alchemist Radio Show? That’s awesome! Here’s a little more about the show, and an application form.

Show Background


The show is, as you might imagine, all about Confidence. Of particular interest are topics related to Confidence and the Performing Arts (acting, singing, etc), although more general Confidence topics covering personal, professional, social, or romantic life are also welcome.

For example, this might take the form of –
  • An aspiring and motivational story of how you conquered your confidence issues;
  • Advice on a particular aspect of confidence;
  • Neat tools and tips you’ve discovered which help with a specific area of confidence;

Above all, we want to learn about you, not just your topic – we’re interested in the human being behind it all!

Also note that some episodes of the show are me sharing information and teaching around specific areas related to confidence and tools including concepts from the worlds of neuroscience, NLP, hypnosis, etc.


The show is still very much in its growth phase, but for now I can share that the audience is world-wide with a majority in UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand; English-speaking.

They are either into personal development, aware of it, or open to the concept that there’s always more to learn in life and that we can develop and grow ourselves through learning from others’ experience and knowledge.
They are particularly looking to be inspired around the whole theme of confidence.

They are not looking for anything spiritual, religious, or “esoteric”, however (so no “Law of Attraction”, Manifesting, Vibrational Energy topics, etc, please).

How They Access

Listeners currently access the show via one of the following routes –
  • Live on DuggyStone Radio at noon – 1pm every Thursday (UK time).
  • Live on the Coach On Fire Radio Network at 7pm – 8pm every Thursday (UK time)
  • Catchup any time on iHeartRadio;
  • Catchup any time on Stitcher;
  • Catchup any time directly here (with added show-notes plus guest bio and links);
  • via Podcasts on iTunes.
Note that each episode premiers on Radio first, then appears on the other services typically within the following 24 hours.

Technical Details

Duration – 58 minutes (we might be slightly under or over in the recording, post-production editing will bring us into the right time).

Prerecorded – we pre-record the show together rather than going out live, although we record in a single take.

Skype – you would connect up via Skype (audio only), we handle all the rest of the process at this end.

Format – talk show format, just the two of us having an unscripted chat. Based on the information you supply me, I’ll ask relevant questions of the sort the listener might themselves ask if they were present, to help us all gain a deeper insight and understanding. We might include a little music if it feels right.

Apply To Be A Guest

Assuming you are still interested in being a guest (which I hope you are!), then  I’d love to find out a little more about you so we can check how best to make this work for us both.

To do this, please fill out the form below and submit it.
Once I receive it I’ll take a look through what you are saying (so the more detail you fill out, the easier it will be for me to get a feel for how good a fit you’ll be), and hopefully be in touch to have a chat and ultimately book you up as a guest.

All fields marked * are required. All others are optional (but very useful to have!)

About you

First, please tell me who is submitting this form, so I know who to contact.

About The Guest

Now let's get some general information about the guest (which would either be you, if you are applying yourself, or the person who you are representing).

The Topic

Now let's find out what you want to discuss on the show.

Guest Background


Please attach a high resolution photo of yourself, plus your business/company logo if you have one - please only submit jpeg, png, or gif images, no more than 1MB in size.


Please provide as many of the following links as you feel suitable. These would be shared on your show page.


Some guests like to make a free or low cost special offer to listeners. Whilst this is by no means required, it can be a nice way to offer our listeners additional value, and provides them with an incentive to get in touch with you.

What free Offer/EBook/Program would you want to offer in the show? Again, this is completely optional, but if you do not provide details here then unfortunately you won't be able to offer it on the show.

Fun Facts

These may or may not make it into the show, but they often provide a nice little insight into the human behind the topic.

Anything Else I Should Know?


Please note

  • All Guests appearing on The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show are required to promote the show through their email newsletters, if you have one, and on your social media platforms. If we go ahead with a show, you will be given your own link which you can use to share and promote both your episode, and subsequent replays. By applying to be on the show, you agree to fully promote any episode which you are in.
  • Whilst we would like to accept as many guests as possible, we can not guarantee to accept every application.
  • Our decision on guests is final, if we are unfortunately unable to accept an application, we won't get into a debate about it

Please tick to accept these terms. *