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Some guests like to make a free or low cost special offer to listeners. Whilst this is by no means required, it can be a nice way to offer our listeners additional value, and provides them with an incentive to get in touch with you.

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Please note

  • All Guests appearing on The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show are required to promote the show through their email newsletters, if you have one, and on your social media platforms. If we go ahead with a show, you will be given your own link which you can use to share and promote both your episode, and subsequent replays. By applying to be on the show, you agree to fully promote any episode which you are in.
  • Whilst we would like to accept as many guests as possible, we can not guarantee to accept every application.
  • Our decision on guests is final, if we are unfortunately unable to accept an application, we won't get into a debate about it

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