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Game Changing

Have you really got what it takes to create the life you desire or to make big changes in your own life?

One thing we can be certain of in life is CHANGE. Whether change is happening to you, or you are deciding to make a change, in your career, your relationships, your health – you CAN be in charge.

Be a Game-Changer! Discover how you can be in charge of the change in your life.

In this episode I an thrilled to be joined by Annette Lynch, who will be sharing with us –

  • The three (3) main steps to change;
  • The most important key to creating the change you want in your life;
  • Why people get stuck in situations when nothing ever seems to change;
  • How to overcome the excuses and doubts to move forward.

Annette Lynch will inspire you to overcome obstacles to win in business and in life – you are going to want to catch this episode AND to make sure you have plenty of paper and pens to take notes!

About Annette Lynch

aka the Game-Changing Expert

From the Olympic Stage of Beach Volleyball to the corporate and conference stages on three continents, Annette Lynch is a Game Changer.

Her self-motivation, drive and curiosity found a way to not only realize a 25 year dream of being an Olympian (Annette Huygens-Tholen), which she did in 2000 in Sydney, but also to forge a new career beyond sport.

The game change was not easy. A fierce competitor on the court and even with a University degree in Physiotherapy, she was not fully prepared for retirement! She retired 3 times over 6 years before she took charge to change her Game and change her life. Annette became a certified Master Results Coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Trainer and went on to write about her experience and studies in “Success Beyond Sport – How to Retire From Sport and Keep Winning.”  Her 8-step program provides the foundation to create the success in business and life.

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