Lose 22kg in 6 months? Easy!

Keith Blakemore-Noble, Moray, UK

Keith the SpeakerFor many years I had been overweight (or, if you want to get technical about it, obese according to BMI measurements), and my weight was slowly but inexorably heading upwards.  Periodically over those years I had joined and even attended various gyms, but I never particularly enjoyed them and always fell back into bad habits of not going – I found the exercise bikes boring, the running machines painful and boring, and the multi gym equipment too much hassle especially when you had to queue to wait for people to finish using them.  There was one machine they had which I loved and used regularly, but apparently the chocolate vending machine didn’t count as part of the exercise regime…

I also found it was just too much inconvenience after a long day at the office to drive all the way to the gym, exercise, then drive home to cook & eat; it also meant I was eating a little later than is good.

So, I gave up on the gym and slowly the weight continued to climb.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Piling on the pounds whilst wasting the pounds[/pullquote]I was spending a small fortune on junk.  Coke was my weakness (we’ll skip right over the obvious jokes if that’s OK with you this time), I was drinking around 6 cans per day mainly out of habit although no doubt with a little bit of addiction thrown in there.  So that’s around 2 litres of Coke per day (full-fat, naturally – well I mean come on, Diet Coke just rates disgusting!) costing around £2.50 – £3.00 every single day just on Coke!  A packet of crisps would often accompany around half of those cans, so we are talking easily £5 per day on junk.  Piling on the pounds whilst wasting the pounds.

I wasn’t that bothered about it really – it did mean buying new clothes every year or so but what’s wrong with an excuse to shop?  It did mean running for the bus was out of the question, but hey, I had a car so all’s well.  It did mean my knees were starting to play up, but everyone’s do as they get older, right?  Oh, and the acid reflux which woke me up most nights, well, that’s what antacid tablets are for, aren’t they?

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I decided enough was enough[/pullquote]Until one day I decided enough was enough, something had to change.  I’d reached 120kg (18 stone 13) which, for some reason, was a hitherto-unknown psychological barrier for me.  I didn’t want to keep gaining weight, so it was time to reduce the Coke and probably the crisps, lose weight, and save some cash.

Now, I tried cutting down before, but never really got more than a few days before I was back to normal.  So I knew I needed some help.  Fortunately, I knew exactly what I needed to do, using the mind programming technologies I’d been studying…

And so it was, with a little bit of fun NLP, I gave up Coke.  Completely. Instantly!  In all seriousness, I so disliked even the idea of Coke that I couldn’t even bring myself to pour my remaining bottle symbolically down the drain, I just had the throw the thing out.  And I can state with complete honesty that from that day to this I have neither touched a drop of Coke nor have I had any craving or desire so to do.  Which for someone who was drinking 2 litres a day is, I feel, quite impressive.  I also stopped eating crisps the same way at the same time.  Now, I’ll be honest, I have eaten one packet since then, but it was by way of a sort of emergency – we were on holiday, on a coach trip for the day, which had started early and so I had no breakfast.  First town we stopped I thought I’d grab a snack – the only thing I could find was some crisps, so I bought them.  Now, the really interesting thing was eating them – they were a flavour I had previously loved, but eating them was bizarre – I knew I should love them, but at the same time I found I could hardly stand having them in my mouth at all.  Strange!  And I’ve not had any since.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I found that purely as a result of this very simple step, I had lost 22kg in 6 months – and the various other weight related symptoms had cleared up too.[/pullquote]That was in November of 2010.  By May of 2011 I found that purely as a result of no longer consuming Coke or crisps, I had lost 22kg bringing me down to 98kg (around 15 stone 7)!  The various other weight and diet related symptoms had cleared up too.  And none of my clothes fitted – yay, great excuse to buy new clothes again!

Since May 2011 my weight has plateaued, which is fine because it means I’m not putting back on the weight I’ve lost.  I could do with losing maybe another 20kg to reach my ideal weight, but I’m in no big rush, that will come with some smaller changes to my lifestyle (and I know I will achieve that in my own time, thanks to good old NLP and a little hypnosis thrown in for measure).

Are you finding that you could do with losing a little weight but find it hard to give up that oh so addictive snack?  Get in touch, let’s work together to help you get the results you want , and let’s write a similar transformational story for you!